About Bart World Communications, Ltd


Bart World Communications (BWC) is a Professional Broadcast Distribution, Marketing and Global Management firm with over 33 years of Media and Entertainment experience, founded by Bernard Stewart. Bart World's client base is a select group of innovative international companies in the Entertainment, Sports, and Travel industries conducting business as either Luxury events services, Broadcasters, Leagues or Sporting Bodies.
In addition to providing forward looking strategic advise to executive management teams, Bart World provides a full complement of exclusive and high end services to help our clients create some of today's most innovative and franchise friendly content. This compelling content is entertaining, informative and designed to satisfy the multi-platform needs of today's demanding consumers. 
Event Representation:
- Caribbean Olympic Organizations 2016 Rio Broadcast Special and Board Director CBI
- West Indies Cricket Board USA Commercial Consultation
- Carnival Festival Las Vegas
- Hardcore Caribbean Endurance Challenge
- Main Deck events (Events @ Sea)
- Jamaica Film Festival 2015

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